America can’t be fixed by turning back clock

Make America great again.

It’s a catchy slogan but I’m not sure what that means. As an immigrant, I chose my American citizenship. I actually believe America is pretty great. I’m not a member of the “love it or leave it crowd.”

I know there is room for improvement, and I think it is patriotic to ask for it.

I question the word “again.” It suggests the return to an earlier time. I expect that time would be different for each of us.

Things often look better in the rear-view mirror. In my experience, every decade holds both good and bad. When times were good for some people, they were not for others.

Besides, we can’t go back. The world is always changing, and we must move forward.

The ethnic, religious and ideological makeup of the population will continue to shift. We face enormous challenges due to climate change. Our economy is different than it used to be.

We can’t fix today’s problems by turning back the clock.

I want a country no longer awash in guns, where schools, churches and malls are places we can go without fear; where regulations ensure that our food, cars and workplaces are safe; where honesty is expected, not exceptional; where we look at each other as people rather than members of one side or another; and where our children are protected so they can experience the childhood many of us longingly remember.

“Make America better” would be my slogan.

Barb Tessin