Act of generosity will be remembered

Imagine a dad school clothes shopping with two kids — a daughter in a wheelchair with a broken leg who wasn’t able to try anything on and a son who had his own ideas about what he wanted to wear.

Now imagine, after all the size checking and price checking was done, going to the register to pay and having your store credit card rejected because it hadn’t been used for so long. Then imagine not having enough cash to pay for it all.

Well, that’s what happened to me at Boscov’s. Talk about embarrassing.

Then an angel intervened.

The gentleman behind me at the register, a veteran like myself, told the clerk that he would pay for my items. I just couldn’t believe it.

I thanked him several times and told him that if he ever needed anything to please contact me through the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association, where I am a member.

I truly hope that he does so that I can repay his generosity. This unexpected act of kindness from a complete stranger will forever be in my memory as well as my children’s. This was such a valuable lesson for them to learn.

I plan to pay it forward in some way in the near future. Thanks again to this extremely generous veteran. You made my day.

Andy Boyles