Ward working for the people

In November 2018, I discovered I had a problem regarding an issue with the Pennsyl­va­nia government. I didn’t know where to turn for help but, fortunately, I was directed to Sen. Judy Ward’s office.

Ward didn’t hesitate and helped me through eight months of resolving the problem. Her liaison officer, Stacey Zimmerman, and other office personnel kept me updated regarding any changes in the status of the problem.

As promised, Ward and staff continued with guidance and help until the problem was resolved.

My opinion is Ward is a politician who truly is for the people, a politician unafraid of not only recognizing a problem, but also trying to resolve it.

I’m a native Pennsylvanian but live outside the state. If I were from Pennsylvania, Sen. Judy Ward would, without a doubt, get my vote.

Timothy Lavin

Hurricane, Utah


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