Trump represents American values

I am astounded that the writer from Centre Hall does not believe that President Donald Trump represents American values. I believe he does.

How often is the statement made (or thought) about people critical of the United States are free to leave?

Please, give the evidence for Trump’s “racist, Islamophobic mindset.”

What is his “attitude toward women, non-whites and Muslims?”

What “efforts has Trump given to amplify division among Americans?”

Cite examples, please.

What is the “damage,” and where is the evidence, that Trump has caused “damage to America’s standing and reputation?”

I believe that it is incumbent on the writer to give the evidence for the arguments made against Trump.

Trump does represent American values. Trump has done what most of us have been believing and saying. Trump is not a politician.

He is fulfilling the promises he made to the country, and that is refreshing.

David Greenwood



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