Trump isn’t as smart as he claims to be

President Donald Trump has led the American people to believe that he is a hugely successful businessman. Yet he is unwilling to disclose his tax returns, something every president and presidential candidate for nearly 50 years has done.

Trump has told us that he is a “really smart person” and a “stable genius,” but he has gone to great lengths to have all of his grades — from every school he attended — sealed and has threatened these institutions with legal action should his grades be disclosed.

The Donald has repeatedly misinterpreted the findings of the Mueller report to suit his own false narrative telling us he committed no crimes, yet he has ordered members of his administration to ignore Congressional subpoenas on the subject.

Now, if you were a legitimately successful and honest business person, would you be fearful to show your taxes? Of course not.

If you were actually a “really smart person” and a “stable genius,” would you have your grades sealed under legal threat? No way.

If you hadn’t committed a crime, would you ever keep anyone who could prove that you hadn’t from testifying? Never.

There’s an old saying that has never been more apropos than now: People with nothing to hide, hide nothing.

Lucie Dodson



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