Shortage of doctors is a real ‘trauma’

This letter is in response to the three-part series by William Kibler concerning family care physicians.

My husband and I recently moved to Hollidaysburg from Philadelphia. We are very happy in the area, with the exception of the availability of primary care physicians.

We are fortunate to be in relatively good health but have always, up to this point, had our medical needs met promptly.

In the vicinity of Altoona and Hollidaysburg, most family practices are no longer accepting new patients. If a practice does agree to accept you as a client, there is a four- to six-month wait for your first visit.

This is inexcusable.

UPMC Altoona is the only hospital in the town. There is no competition. They decide the direction of the mission in which to serve the community.

I can see why they expanded their emergency services to include a trauma center. A person may very well need such services while waiting to visit or find a primary care physician.

Cynthia L. Rubolina