Only time can undo Trump’s damage

There are over a half million illegal immigrants in the U.S. from Europe, with approximately 50,000 in New York alone.

Why don’t we ever hear about them? Have any of them been put in cages? Have any of their children been separated from them? I think not, and the reason would be that the majority of them are white.

President Donald Trump is only interested in rounding up illegal immigrants who are black to send them back to their country of origin, the ones from Central America.

Why isn’t anyone on the news talking about the fact that there are no white illegal immigrants being put in cages or being rounded up to be sent back to where they came from?

Now he is telling our four black congresswomen to go back to their own country. I would hope that a least some portion of his base realizes that Trump is truly a white nationalist, a racist to the core.

But then again, many of his base feel the same. How do we undo all the damage he has done? Even if he loses the election, it will take time, understanding and extreme tolerance on all sides to undo all the damage.

No one is born a bigot. You have to be carefully taught, as Trump’s father taught his son and as Donald surely taught his sons.

It’s the same with a child that has been abused. That child will undoubtedly grow up to abuse his own children. Physical or mental, abuse is abuse.

The best we can hope is that somewhere along the line, someone will be strong enough, smart enough and brave enough to break the chain and the Donald Trumps of the world will be reduced to small, insignificant numbers.

Elizabeth K. Shade



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