Local TV customers need to fight corporate greed

If you are in your mid-70s, you can remember when TV sets started showing up in our living rooms.

We had two channels, WFBG in Altoona and WJAC in Johnstown (WFBG later became WTAJ). We used antennas to get reception. This was when we were kids 70 years ago.

Since then, we have never had a local station taken from us — not until AT&T took over DirecTV.

The explanation on your TV says Nexstar pulled WTAJ from us. No, AT&T CEO Randall L. Stephenson who makes $29 million a year, took the local channel from us.

Stephenson wants to squeeze every cent he can from customers, to pay a ransom to get WTAJ back. He must need a raise.

This is what happens when conglomerates get too big. They believe they can do anything they want, and no one can do anything about it — because we are too spoiled and cannot live without them.

If DirecTV customers had any backbone, they could do something about it. Not only drop DirecTV but drop every AT&T service they have. Then find a company who cares more about its customers than filling their bank accounts.

When is the last time Atlantic Broadband or Dish Network took one of our local stations from us?

Even if we get WTAJ back, I still say drop DirecTV and AT&T services.

Don’t you think it’s time we show some courage and take a stand, and stop people like Stephenson from treating us like fools?

Dennis C. Shore



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