Larger fireworks should be outlawed

When the new fireworks law was passed, were they being considerate of all the military personnel living in Pennsylvania with post-traumatic stress disorder? I would say a definite “No!”

The veterans gave of themselves for this country so the lawmakers could be where they are in Harrisburg. The state lawmakers need to change the fireworks law back to what it was because the larger and louder fireworks are not good for anyone.

When the bill was passed did the state lawmakers consider all of the animals that would be scared of the larger and louder fireworks. Again, I would say a definite “no.”

Neighbors should be more considerate of their neighbors with PTSD when setting off these larger and louder fireworks, but like many people today they are only thinking of themselves. They too, should be considerate of their neighbors who may have animals that get scared and start shaking when the larger and louder fireworks are set off.

Then there are neighbors who may have to get up for work the next morning, and you are waking them up by setting the fireworks off late, especially after midnight.

Last year sounded like a war in our section of Altoona between the fireworks and the thunder storms.

When I was growing up, there were only caps guns, snakes, sparklers and scribs and these were plenty loud enough and a lot of fun. We were very happy with scribs being the loudest.

State lawmakers need to change the fireworks law back to what it was because people are not obeying the laws and someone is going to get badly hurt or a house fire is going to get accidently started and possibly result in someone killed. I pray to God that this doesn’t happen or someone with PTSD doesn’t lose it.

Thomas Hetrick



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