‘In God We Trust’ good step for city

Hats off to local veterinarian Matt Stachmus’s request to affix “In God We Trust” decals on city vehicles.

Here’s someone who stands up for what we citizens agree with and want. This world is in the shape it is because some people would like “God” to be taken out of everything.

Without “God,” we’re nothing. With God, we’re someone. God is the only one to whom we can trust.

People want the nativity scene, the Ten Commandments, prayer, etc., forbidden. You may want to exclude God from everything, but God is still on the throne and still rules.

With God, we can truly trust. Again, thanks to Stachmus for his keeping “In God We Trust” alive.

I am disappointed with Mayor Matt Pacifico for being against the decal along with councilman Bill Neugebauer. Disappointed and surprised. I trust in God as do many other people.

Margie Snyder



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