Criticism, complaints flourish in America

In the U.S. today, we hear vile criticism by many of our politicians, and from nameless individuals on the internet of those others who have different ideas.

Yet, we hear little of their ideas or a logical argument to convince others of their opinions. They continue to criticize and call those they oppose, racists, sexist and a variety of other bad names. The news media, press, radio and TV fills most of their news space with violence and bad news. Rarely is there a story of kindness and individuals doing something for others or for the good of the community.

We don’t see many shows like “Mr. Rogers” where situations and problems were approached with kindness and ideas to make them better. Do you remember when Mr. Rogers and Officer Clemmons, a black man who was occasionally part of the show, both sat and put their feet in the same pool of water? Is this not a classic show of racial harmony? We seldom see any similar acts on the TV shows today.

The Democrats in our House of Representatives oppose bills that are designed to improve situations that are problems, such as the crisis at our border with Mexico. They spend most of their positive statements offering something for “nothing” from our government, such as federalized medical care, free college, a cash outlaw to each of our citizens. None of which are free and would require taxing most of our income.

It is called socialism, a plan that has failed every time it was tried and often leads to a dictator such as in Venezuela. Should we not treat others as we would like to be treated?

William Kirsch

Roaring Spring


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