Altoona students should be assessed

Am I to understand that students do not pay to park in school district parking lots?

There should be a yearly fee of $50 to $100 per year for a student to use these lots. These lots must be maintained and the taxpayer should not be billed for these services.

Taxpayers pay for student busing. If a student wants to drive to school, that is a privilege. Why is the district billing the taxpayer twice for something that is a privilege?

One school board member told me that charging would be tough on the student/parents. What about us that do not even use these lots? Does this school board member think this is OK to put more on the taxpayer?

If a fund is set up at a bank and it is made specifically for parking lot maintenance fees, then it cannot be used anywhere else. The district’s attorney — whom we already pay — could have this written up.

Helen Brennan



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