‘We are no longer safe in America’

I always read with interest when there is a suicide bomb attack, or some other act of terrorism in places like Afganastan, Pakistan, Africa or Iraq and wonder what it must feel like to know if you go to the market, or to church or just out for stroll, your life is in jeopardy.

You never know when or where some act will occur.

I would remind myself of how much safer we are here in America.

But, of course, now you cannot go to school, or to work, or to church and be safe. Our enemies, it seems, are not the brown horde coming from the southern border but our own neighbors.

They simply stroll down to the local gun shop, purchase a weapon and use it. As shown in the most recent attack in Virginia Beach, a rapid response of two minutes was not enough to save 12 people’s lives. An extended clip with a silencer took its toll.

We are no longer safe in America.

Maybe it’s time we started building walls around our schools or our places of employment and worship, well-equipped with a metal detector and armed guards to keep the bad guys out.

Gee, I wonder what life would be like in a place without that fear? Where everyone has a pistol strapped to their hip, with an extended clip and a silencer so we, too, can be the big man to protect us from ourselves?

Is that the image of a safer country — where all men are created equal, with liberty and justice for all, where we welcome the tired, hungry huddled masses yearning to be free?

What a contrast, eh?

Come to America and be safe. Really?

I guess my wish for a 50-caliber bolted to the top of my truck might still come true.

Think the NRA would think that is extreme? Now, that is a safer America.

Stephen LoRusso



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