Prince Gallitzin roads need to be addressed

Prince Gallitzin State Park is one of the most beautiful parks in the state.

However, the roads around it are a disgrace with potholes, berms broken off and patches on top of patches.

I don’t really think it has been resurfaced since the park was built.

Where is Cambria County’s district manager for PennDOT? Where is Prince Gallitzin State Park’s superintendent? Where is the Glendale school superintendent?

I don’t want to hear “it is not my job.”

It is a community service to the school and the beautiful park. These people should be putting pressure on PennDOT.

How could they drive around it day after day? They need to start fixing these secondary roads and stop on I-99 and I-80 for awhile.

PennDOT has spent more money year after year on this patch work, machinery, manpower and materials.

If it was resurfaced, they wouldn’t need to spend hardly anything on the road for years.

T. Jerry Ricketts Sr.



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