Local doctors deserves community support

Rather than a headline of “Altoona doctor faces charge” on June 4, let us see, “Pray for Altoona doctor.”

What a shock when I read the article about Dr. Mark Tilyou. I say this is a witch hunt for many reasons, and there are two sides to every issue.

When I moved to Altoona in 2006 with a husband just out of coma (head trauma) from a California trauma center with a prognosis of very little time remaining in his life, Tilyou took my husband as a patient.

I figured no one would want him as a patient. He lived until 2010 and had a great life and accomplished a lot of body functions.

I have been a patient of Tilyou’s since 2006, and I can honestly say I never had a doctor tell me he prays for his patients. Tilyou does that on a consistent basis.

I feel privileged to have had him as my doctor. He has had a lot of medical issues with an unstable back and other diseases, but he always had time for patients.

We need to support Tilyou as a community as he has supported us over the years. Let us pray for him and his family at this time and send letters of support.

Dorothy Lansberry