Like Trump, we need to put America first

I support our president, Donald Trump. Better yet, I support America and our ideals.

I did not support Barack Obama and most of his ideas, but, like most Americans, I remained quiet out of respect for our country and most of our ideals.

We are, and have always been, a troubled country, but could come together regardless of our differences.

No matter what our president does, the left and their unpatriotic news medias distort what he is trying to do. All they want to do is disrupt and do whatever they can do to remove him from office.

Finally, we have someone who is putting America first, promoting a good economy and fair regulations, trying to secure our borders, getting other countries to finally pay their fair share and promote fair trade policies.

In the greatest country ever, people need to get over themselves, take responsibility and support our country. We are all Americans first.

Jim Moore



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