Lettermen’s show had pluses, minuses

Thank you to the Mishler Theatre and sponsors for bringing a very class act, The Lettermen, to town.

They were excellent and a very polished act. The number of shows that the senior crowd enjoys is limited, and we are excited when shows such as this come to town. The audience was definitely senior and loved the entire show.

The only distraction was the younger group that sat in front of us. They felt the need to capture the show on cellphones and text their friends. I would have gladly bought their friends tickets instead of seeing the phones being raised for yet another picture.

And then the lights of texting.

The Lettermen even had a small session where the audience could come down and have their photo taken with the crowd — another class act.

Two small notes: The Mishler needs a dynamic announcer to intro the group, rather than someone sitting behind curtain reading a script, and not sounding too excited.

Also, a sound engineer didn’t need to have the mikes up loud enough to hear on the street. Yes, we were seniors but not that hard of hearing. Use the acoustics that the Mishler has to resonate the great sound.

But the new seating and the overall appearance of Mishler was top shelf.

Russell Barton



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