‘Joy in the City’ helps bring us hope

The city of Altoona was blessed last Sunday evening at the Mishler Theatre with the presentation of an ecumenical extravaganza called “Joy in the City.”

The Mishler was packed with seats for 900, and most every seat was filled.

This two-hour event was the dream of several pastors and laymen from the Blair County Pastor’s Network.

The evening included testimonies of several who were present, and a joy-filled praise band played many rousing, spiritual songs.

The event perceived to be a recap of Sunday morning prayer time for approximately 15 inter-denominational churches, when 30 to 40 pastors and lay people come together and pray for the city of Altoona at a different church each Sunday morning from 6:30 to 7 a.m.

The consensus of those in attendance is the time has come when this city, as a whole, needs to forget past rifts of theology and boundaries, personalities and power structure.

We need to focus on the needs of our city and its problems with drugs, crime and other blights. It was uplifting to see our mayor, Matt Pacifico, attend this event and also the Pastor’s Prayer Breakfast held last month at the Casino on National Prayer Day.

An additional blessing was held Monday evening when the “African Children’s Choir” blew the socks off those in attendance at the Second Avenue United Methodist Church.

Wake up, Altoona. Good things are happening and greater things are yet to come.

Hezzie Thompson