Be safe when driving in highway work zones

You hurt, maim and kill us by the thousands every — who are we?

We are your municipal, city, state and federal highway workers. You drive through our works zones without obeying speed limits, road closed signs and traffic control devices.

Why? Because you are late for work, your kids got up late, you need to get a cup of coffee or, as you say, “I don’t know any other way to get there.”

So you just drive through, and if we get hit by a car, according to you, it’s our fault. Even so-called retired PennDOT workers drive around the traffic control devices and then act like they did nothing wrong.

Every year, the PennDOT district offices place a display of white crosses and hard hats of all the employees killed in work zones. Does this mean that every borough, township and the city need to start or get prepared to make a display of this type to commemorate one of us when we are killed?

All you have to do is obey the speed limit, obey the signage and drive an extra block so that we can go home at the end of the day to our families.

You hitting us with a vehicle will not get you anywhere faster, and it is against the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code for you to drive around traffic control devices.

Kelly Leydig



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