Americans need to exercise control

Is socialism, or even communism, inevitable in the United States?

How else do you control a society that is in moral chaos, no foundation of right and wrong, and does not take responsibility for their actions?

The backbone of what made our country the greatest power in the world, with “liberty and justice for all,” was based on this foundation. How can you have justice without a standard for right and wrong?

We have a government that is elected by the people, but when the people have turned their backs on standards of living, they vote for people with no standards of living.

Why are we shocked when children kill children? Many people like Peter Singer teach a baby, a new life, has no worth or value, and our government supports killing babies.

Why are we surprised that bullying in schools is rampant? We see our political leaders doing it all the time and using their political power to get their way.

If you stand for the principles and faith that built our country, you are mocked and ridiculed. Even churches are falling away from teaching truth and the judgment to come.

Will we need leaders like Karl Marx, Joseph Stalin or Mao Zedong to control our society, or will we return to our roots, the unchanging foundation of right and wrong, and take control of ourselves?

Mike Davis



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