Altoona graduation ‘was a total disgrace’

I would like to address the Altoona Area School District administration and school board.

The way graduation was handled for the class of 2019 was a total disgrace, not only to the parents and family of the graduates, but also the entire school district.

Times have changed. Not all of the class of 2019 were raised by married parents. Some are raised in a broken household, as well as grandparents playing a major role in their lives due to both parents working.

So thank you for robbing not only the class of 2019, but family from such a precious milestone in their lives.

It is a shame that it took this many years and so much negative outcry on social media for anything to be done about this.

Our sons and daughters go to school for 12-plus years to reach this milestone in their lives and the class of 2019 had to celebrate this milestone without their mother, father, stepmother, stepfather, brother, sister and/or grandparents because they were robbed of this.

The class of 2019 will remember this forever.

The excuses are more than lame.

“We can’t have it at the Jaffa Shrine Center due to lack of air conditioning.”

That poses a question: Did it really feel like the air was on in the Fieldhouse that night once the doors were shut on family members?


“We also can’t have it at the Blair County Convention Center because it is flat.”

The truth is that costs money.

We have a board meeting to discuss these issues, and Dave Bufalini is not in attendance at the meeting. That’s very unprofessional and verifies his lack of courage to endure unpleasant things.

Furthermore, two board members admitted prior to graduation that they were aware of fraudulent tickets. What was done? Absolutely nothing.

How can we omit that a school board member stated on social media that the best part of being on the school board was being able to give their son his diploma.

That’s a great reason to have him on the school board and congrats on being guaranteed a ticket.

By the way, Superintendent Charles Prijatelj claimed he did not know what transpired that day. Shame on him. Isn’t he in charge?

Does anyone remember the AAHS class of 1992? Did it rain on the day of graduation? Yes. Did the administration make the hasty, selfish decision to move it indoors and steal precious memories from students and loved ones? No.

Graduation was moved to another day so it could still be held outside at Mansion Park to accommodate the graduates’ entire family. I’m not sure why the administration of 2019 couldn’t be so smart, but it comes down to one word — inconsiderate.

I know the administration and school board have apologized, but it’s a little late.

Michelle L. Miller



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