AASB members reversed course

Altoona Area School Board member Ed Kreuz stated that he “had” to vote for the “tax raise.”

He did not have to vote for the raise. He chose to vote for the raise, and he could have instead looked inside at what could/should be eliminated.

Because of today’s technology, office staff can be eliminated. You no longer need a lot of secretaries.

Where I retired from, the engineers were doing their own clerical work.

Part-time seasonal workers in the offices should be eliminated, or make all of the office workers part-time seasonal and do away with full-time office employees.

Look at your advertising. Keep what works and do away with the rest. Look at the phone bill and see how it can be lowered.

Get out your book of expenses and go line by line on what could/should be eliminated.

Do you really need that many on the police staff? We have a police department very close by that we already pay for. This is where all of you should have started looking before you decided to raise taxes.

I have always supported Kreuz and Dave Francis until this vote. I am very disappointed in both of them. They both claimed they would work for the people, and now instead of doing things the correct way, they gave in and did it the wrong way.

We will remember.

Helen Brennan



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