Our right to choose can’t be taken away

Today I write to bring to light the oncoming fall of a generation — the disappearing hope for a better tomorrow and the dying dream of a nation.

All of this is due to one stricken down concept — choice. It’s defined as the right to decide for yourself about what you know in the depth of your heart to be right.

Unfortunately, there are those among us who seek to take our choice away, simply because they do not agree with the ways of others.

We, as a society, have twisted the concepts of acceptance and tolerance.

The world has no obligation to accept your opinion and treat it as gospel, but it does have to tolerate it and give you the respect of a human being.

Some may never fully accept the idea that a man can love another man, but they must tolerate the fact that it is not their decision to make.

No one has to accept that a woman has the right to an abortion, but everyone must tolerate that it is not their right to take away, or their decision to make.

Everyone, however, has one question to ask themselves: What gives you the right to condemn a lifestyle or group of people?

If it’s ignorance, learn. Fear, face it. You don’t understand, figure it out. You don’t like to see it, avert your gaze.

It’s not right. Who died and gave you the right to decide that?

We are all human before anything else and fighting each other will only reveal one thing: We all bleed the same burning red.

Grace Kennedy



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