Local school district must accept competition

This is in regard to the recent article on the front page of Mirror on May 13 concerning the large amount of monies received from the state that must be forwarded to cyber schools, to which some of their resident students have chosen to use for their education.

As I recall, the cyber school programs were established to provide a school choice program where the students and their parents wished to use as they felt it was better than the programs offered locally by the brick and mortar districts.

They also added a level of competition that should encourage the local school districts to compete by having better programs.

I understand the state gives a per-student reimbursement to all local school districts. The local district must forward this to any cyber school local residents want to use since the local district is not providing it.

It really makes sense to me, and instead and complaining to the public as outlined in the news item, it reminds me of the old adage: If you can’t stand the heat — competition — get out of the kitchen.

The failures of the local school districts that had a total monopoly on the K-12 education led to this problem.

I am familiar with a local school established by a concerned community to provide an alternative school choice. The students involved were all far below average in the local school district but with the new choice they are now scoring very high in tests administered by the state.

The superintendent of the local school district involved, like the two local districts, need to concentrate on improving their schools to prevent this loss. Improve and compete and quit relying on changes to the state laws.

I am totally against changing our state laws as outlined in the news article and would encourage all of you to contact your state representatives to voice your opposition.

Earl W. Thomas



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