Hollidaysburg should address parking problem

In Hollidaysburg, we have an issue dealing with parking.

Parking spaces are being taken by those that work in the Blair County Courthouse or those that work for the prison.

You’ll see them taking spots in front of homes or anywhere else but the parking garage that we, the taxpayers, have paid for.

You see courthouse workers coming out and feeding parking meters so that they can be the ones parked closest to the courthouse. This can leave people that live close to the courthouse or the jail the inability to park near their homes.

There have been times that snowplows couldn’t come through and plow residential streets because of these workers, after a snowstorm.

Parking permits are being taken from the residents near either workplace in favor of the workers instead of the homeowners.

Wasn’t the parking garage built specifically for these workers and people who have business at either site? Yet most days, the parking garage sits virtually empty.

Why is this? Why can’t the workers use the parking garage and leave parking on the streets near people’s homes for the residents instead?

Aidan Johnson



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