Hold vets’ director to higher standard

I am writing in response to the front-page article in Sunday’s newspaper regarding Blair County’s Director of Veterans Affairs seeking an apology from the Blair County commissioners.

I am confused as to who should be apologizing to whom after reading this article.

Patrick Young was using “colorful” language while on a telephone call in his office. The article does not state if his office door was open or closed. Regardless, employees could hear his conversation in the reception area, where there could have been visitors or children during the time of his telephone conversation.

The conversation must have been loud and disturbing enough for employees to record Young’s inappropriate language. Recording his actions leads me to believe that maybe this is not the first time the director has acted inappropriately.

Young may actually deserve an apology if the recordings were an illegal act. However, the article does not state if Young apologized for his actions.

It seems the director is making this all about him being wronged by an illegal act. What he is failing to see is that it appears he was wrong to begin with and deserves to apologize for his behavior.

He acted completely unprofessional, and if I would have been a visitor and overheard his inappropriate language, I would have requested that he be reprimanded.

He needs to remember that he represents the county of Blair, and he needs to hold himself to a higher standard. This dispute never would have happened if he would have just hung up on the fake IRS agent.

As a former state trooper, he should know that you are supposed hang up on a scam telephone call. Right?

Melissa E. McCaulley



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