Border control needs solutions

President Donald Trump has asked for $5 billion to build a wall to protect America and do what is right under our constitution and laws.

The wall should last for 50 years. There are people who are against a legacy being left by this president.

No one wants bigger or more government, but there are those asking for more border patrol agents, more detention centers, health care, food, clothing, courts and transportation for the illegals.

In just a few years we will blow through the $5 billion and still have to maintain the buildings and the payroll of hundreds of border guards until retirement, and the migration will never end.

The third solution to the problem is to employ CRAF — Civil Reserve Air Fleet. There are 24 carriers and over 500 planes available on retainer to our government.

The government pays for the fuel and the airlines pay for the pilots. The planes will be located as close as possible to the detention centers. Aircraft will be marked as a capitol city of a South American country.

When you have a plane load, the illegals board and are flown back to the country of their origin. The flight should take no more than three hours.

I’m sure the word will get out and within 30 days no one will be making the hike to America to spend only 24 hours here.

Illegal border crossings will drop to zero except for the drug runners.

John C. Miller



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