Bedford County bureau should shift priorites

Two weeks ago, there appeared in the Bedford Gazette newspaper, an expensive week-long campaign of advocacy advertisements sponsored by the board of directors of the Bedford County Convention and Visitors Bureau.

The ads were clearly directed at the elected county board of commissioners in hopes that public opinion would sway their decision to grant the CVB a requested and substantial 250 percent increase of the room tax in every hotel and lodging property in Bedford County.

I was unaware that a taxpayer-funded entity, such as the CVB, was even permitted to use public funds to enhance its agenda and/or its operating budget.

What I find most inconsistent about their advertising campaign is that for months, the CVB’s board has made the assertion that the bureau has little or no funds to promote tourist attractions of Bedford County and thus, this very large increase in tax is necessary.

Where then did the board find this financial windfall to purchase five half-page ads? Would it have not been better to invest this money to promote our county instead of a pay raise for the bureau?

From my vantage point, I have seen very little effort made by this bureau for promote anything.

I feel the board of the CVB should re-examine their priorities and start promoting the numerous advantages of Bedford County.

Those advantages include park promotions, outdoor concerts and other events that will draw people to Bedford County who will stay in our hotels and motels and spending money in our various businesses rather than wasting our tax money on politically driven appeals.

Lloyd Bankson Roach