Anti-socialist efforts are aimed at gullible

In our current political environment, prophets of doom have been writing letters to the editor recently claiming that there is a socialist conspiracy in this country, which wants to control us all and destroy the freedoms guaranteed to us in the constitution.

If something is not done soon, they cry hysterically, it will be too late. What can be done to eradicate this imaginary threat, short of denying democratic rights to anyone resembling a socialist, is not clear.

Actually, anti-socialist campaigns and even witch hunts have been going on in this country for over a century. For example, there was the anti-labor Red Scare of 1919, and let us not forget the McCarthyite witch hunts of the 1950s.

In essence, what is being said about socialism today is no different from what was said about it in the past and still there is no socialism in this country. Today socialism is being dragged out of the historical closet and used to deaden the minds of the gullible.

Anti-socialist ideology plays into the hands of the corporate masters who stand to lose the most if socialism were to become a reality here.

It is no coincidence that during McCarthyism, more radical labor leaders were purged from the labor movement and replaced by servile class-collaborationist so-called leaders. Historically, attacks on socialists have gone hand-in-hand with attacks on the working class.

There has been a growing capitalist police state developing here for some time. It controls us and steps on basic rights. The FBI had COINTELPRO, which targeted dissidents.

Members of the Black Panther Party were murdered by the state or framed. Students opposing war were gunned down on college campuses, including at Kent State, Ohio. It is not socialism that shreds the constitution, but rather, the capitalist state.

Anti-socialist ideology is a tool of the rich and is part of the hegemonic battering ram to pound down the door of democracy and leads to the erosion of democratic rights.

Nick Brisini

Glen Campbell


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