Americans need to pay attention

We are the people — all Americans, all nationalities, all religions, Democrats, Republicans, Independents.

Where are the American people, the hard-working men and women across the nation, the patriotic Americans who believe in God and country?

We believe in standing and respecting the American flag. We believe in the constitution as it was written.

Many thousands of men and women past and present have served and died protecting our rights and freedoms. These very freedoms are now under attack by people within our government.

They want to take away our freedom of speech, rights to bear arms and religious freedoms. They want to turn the land of the free into a socialist country.

These same people now are telling we the American people that it’s all right to kill babies any time from conception until birth and beyond.

The leaders on the far left want power and control. They want to control all aspects of the American people’s lives.

What’s happening in our country should outrage the majority of the American people. We must wake up now and pay attention. If we don’t, when we do wake up, it may be too late. (Once our freedoms are gone, they will be gone forever.)

After the attack on Pearl Harbor Dec. 7, 1941, the Japanese made a comment, “We may have just awakened a sleeping giant.”

That giant needs to wake again.

That giant is “We the People.”

Mike Sanders



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