True Christians fine with mentioning Jesus

I have been a Christian for over 45 years.

During those years, Christians have been chided by those who dislike the very name of Jesus to be silent and more tolerant. For all those years, this has been a one-way street. It is always the intolerant telling everyone else to be tolerant.

For example, in a recent letter to the editor, Rep. Stephanie Borowicz was rebuked because she “invoked the name of Jesus 13 times” in her prayer before the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

Where is the tolerance of those who get upset at the very mention of the name of Jesus? I appreciate the fact that the letter writer recognized the power of the name of Jesus when he said that to pray in his name is “weaponized prayer.”

If we have the freedom of speech to use the name of Jesus as a curse word, we have the same freedom of speech to pray in his name. The problem is with the insecure and the intolerant, they must learn to be more tolerant.

Christians have been too quiet about using the name of Jesus. It has only made things worse on the rare occasion when someone does say his name in public. So, the best thing Christians can do, for these sensitive souls, is to say his name every day in public, everywhere.

That way, they will get used to hearing it, and it won’t be so “disturbing” to them.

We need more leaders like Borowicz who have a backbone not to settle for a lifeless, politically correct, “moment of silent prayer and reflection.”

Pastor John Leatherman