Socialists in Congress slow Trump’s progress

Over a month has passed since my last letter regarding our national sovereignty, and little has changed.

The border with Mexico is more porous than ever with many migrants, mostly from central America, coming into the U.S. every day.

Congress continues to do nothing that might help the situation as its lack of action allows more immigrants to enter our country illegally every day.

They do nothing about many needed items on the agenda and continue to give money to abortion providers under the guise of “women’s health.”

They continue to support secularist ideologues such as so-called marriage by same-sex couples, and show support for a variety of sexual types well beyond the established male and female sexes.

They support lawsuits against bakers and florists who refuse to support these issues that they feel impinge on their personal beliefs. Public expression of religious beliefs is a no-no, and yet our constitution states that individuals are free to openly support their religious beliefs in very clear language.

The socialist representatives in our Congress continue to show resistance to whatever President Donald Trump wants to do to move our country forward with no reason other than they don’t like him.

He was the person elected president in the 2016 election. After more than two years, isn’t it time to get with the program and enact legislation that can make our country a better place for all its citizens?

William J. Kirsch

Roaring Spring


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