Socialism will threaten country’s prosperity

In the Mirror’s April 19 edition appeared the following headline: “Cuban shortages raise fears.”

An 80-year-old woman waits in a line for two hours to purchase frozen chicken, a limit of five pounds or three pieces whichever comes first, and guess what? They run out before she gets there.

Markets run out of everyday items within hours and are not available again for days or weeks, and Bernie Sanders says, “It is good for people to stand in lines for food.”

Sanders and his band of socialists want to raise your taxes, wipe out the health-care system, put America in a debt that we will never recover from with the “Green New Deal” and take away your constitutional rights.

Sanders and his bunch say it is wrong that President Donald Trump will not produce his tax returns and plays the system to pay the least amount possible. Isn’t that what Sanders said in Bethlehem (Pennsylvania) last week?

Sanders, who wants to give everyone everything for free, owns four homes, hundred thousand dollar sports cars and flies around in a private jet. And yet the socialist way is that everyone is equal — all except those at the top.

Will Sanders and his disciples be standing in line for food like the rest of us? I don’t think so.

Members of Congress hold press conferences and tell people to go after people they disagree with and presidential candidates tell media outlets that they want to take away the Second Amendment rights of the people.

Right now, the borders of this country are being overrun, our cities are becoming dumping grounds for illegal immigration and the career politicians are saying that this is all a made-up crisis.

The students in our schools and universities are being indoctrinated into the socialist/communist theory, but when they see that it does not work and all the promises they were made do not pan out, it will be too late to go back.

The people in charge will have everything, you will have nothing, and you will be their slave to command.

Dictators will not give up their power. Look at Venezuela, which was formerly one of the most financially sound countries in the world, but socialism led to the brink of people eating out of garbage cans and being slaughtered in the streets while their leader smuggled their wealth out the country and lives high on the hog.

President Trump may not be perfect, but he has led this country to more prosperous times than the last guy, and if Congress would just get their heads out of the sand and work toward a better United States and if the so-called news media would report the news instead of making it up, we would be in a better place.

Wake up, America.

If you put Sanders and his bunch or Joe Biden and his corruption in charge,we will have lost our country for good, and be prepared to stand in line for two hours to get your three pieces of chicken.

And don’t forget: You only get three legs or three thighs.

Kelly Leydig