Recommending five for Altoona board

I would like to endorse the following five candidates for the Altoona Area School Board: Sharon Bream and Ron Johnston are currently on the board and are up for re-election.

Eric Haugh is a partner at Pyramid Engineering and is a mechanical engineer. His knowledge will give insight to current and future projects. Clair Lauver is a manager at a large independent electrical supplier. He understands how to run a company within the budget. Frank Meloy is retired as assistant superintendent from the Altoona Area School District. His past experience will greatly benefit the board.

All five of these candidates are fiscally conservative. They oppose the new school and understand the financial strain it’s going to put on the taxpayers. They all agree the financial focus should be on providing teachers with the resources they need to effectively teach our children.

Please vote for Haugh, Lauver, Bream, Johnston and Meloy.

Ed Kreuz Jr.

District Judge Candidate


(The writer is a current member of the Altoona Area School Board.)


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