On jail, Huntingdon can’t keep kicking can

As I read the article in the Mirror on Sunday, April 14 regarding the Huntingdon County jail (“County lockup bleeding money”), I agreed with the judge, district attorney and warden as to the need for an alternative to the current situation of housing out-of-county inmates.

I do feel that Judge Zanic’s characterization of the previous board of commissioners’ actions toward a solution was incorrect.

As board chairman, I oversaw the hiring of a consultant and formation of a committee to analyze the options available.

Unfortunately, as elections go, I was not re-elected and the newly elected commissioners decided to fire the consultant, drop the analysis and hope the problem would go away.

The problem has not gone away, the amount expended in 2018 for out-of-county inmates exceeded $1 million, and the commissioners have only budgeted $723,000 for 2019 when they continue to get bills that exceed $85,000 per month.

This expense is just the tip of the iceberg as other departments incur expenses related to transportation.

It is time to quit kicking the can down the road.

Gary O’Korn