Metzgar trustworthy choice in Logan Twp.

The respect my husband and I have for Joe Metzgar, now running for re-election to the Logan Township supervisors, can be easily summarized: When our children were minors, we asked Metzgar to be their financial guardian.

He accepted this considerable responsibility for our three most precious assets: our three children.

The children have long since reached their majority, but we will always be grateful to our old friend and trusted neighbor for accepting this responsibility.

We supported Metzgar when he first ran for supervisor. The position is best filled by someone like Metzgar, who knows his way around budgets and computer spreadsheets.

Metzgar spent 35 years as auditor for the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Furthermore, he has added 1,000-plus hours of continuing education in the financial and computer science fields.

Then, as now, Joe Metzgar has our unqualified support.

Mary K. DeLeo



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