Legislators should nix severance tax

Gov. Tom Wolf’s “Restore Pennsylvania” fund sounds nice, but it’s really just a vehicle to impose another severance tax.

He’s been unable to sell the severance tax to skeptical legislators in previous years, so now he’s trying to tie it in with a fund that would pay for flood mitigation and broadband access. No matter how it’s dressed up, the severance tax is still a job killer.

Legislators should not approve it.

If the goals of “Restore Pennsylvania” are so worthy, why is Wolf only proposing it now? And why is he tying it to a severance tax? It seems to me that there are plenty of other ways to fund technology and infrastructure.

This is just a political ploy by the governor to link an unpopular plan — the severance tax — with projects that have public support.

Pennsylvanians should not be fooled by this cynical tax-and-spend idea. The governor only created “Restore Pennsylvania” as a way to get his severance tax enacted.

The tax is what’s important to him, and he’s doing everything he can to put it in place.

Legislators need to say “no” one more time to the severance tax.

Betty M. Ruhlman

Broad Top


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