Kelley will serve as champion for taxpayers

As an active member of the Blair County Young Republicans, I’m eager to express my support of Bruce Kelley for Blair County commissioner.

Reviewing Kelley’s resume outlines that his experience in local government will provide the citizens of our county with a commissioner that will be able, from day one, to take charge on our county’s challenges.

Kelley was part of Altoona City Council that worked diligently to get out of Act 47 and has continued to build a path to ensure that Altoona doesn’t have to enter distressed-city status in the future.

He will be able to apply his knowledge to our county’s government and will be a champion for protecting the taxpayer, as he has continued to do while serving on Altoona City Council.

Kelley understands that it’s our money.

On May 21, please vote Bruce Kelley for Blair County commissioner.

Corey Lion