Kelley has good skills to be commissioner

I have had the honor of serving on Altoona’s City Council with Bruce Kelley since 2007.

During that time, I witnessed Kelley’s tireless devotion to the city and its taxpayers. He and I have spent countless hours working together to improve the way of life for Altoona’s residents.

Kelley examines the root of issues and then uses his experience and intelligence to craft creative solutions.

I have also developed a friendship with Kelley, as we coached our sons together in the Altoona Area Baseball Association. During that time, I witnessed firsthand Kelley’s love for and commitment to his family.

He is a man of integrity and character. He has a passion for serving taxpayers. He is thoughtful and experienced, and, as a commissioner, he has a plan for our county.

On May 21, when you cast a vote for Bruce Kelley, you cast a vote for Blair County’s future.

Erik Cagle