Kelley committed to local government

As we near the primary election cycle for 2019, the most important race is for Blair County commissioner.

In viewing the field of candidates, there’s only one that has the track record to take charge of the issues facing our county, and that’s Bruce Kelley.

I’ve known Kelley for about a decade. I’ve seen him serve Altoona respectfully and with good intentions. I’ve always admired him for his dedication to his family, his work and his passion for local government.

When electing someone for county commissioner, we need someone with experience in handling tough governmental challenges. Kelley has been a proven defender on holding the line on tax increases in the city and has always been accountable to his constituents.

I support him because he won’t need on-the-job training when he’s elected. Please vote for Bruce Kelley on May 21.

Daniel Gioiosa