Kaneshiki ‘incentivizes’ desire to learn, excel

I’m writing this endorsement on behalf of Lois Kaneshiki, running for the Hollidaysburg Area School Board.

Kaneshiki is beholden to no one, giving her great freedom to vote for the concerns of parents and students, which is invaluable.

During her service, she has established a policy permitting home-schooled students to take classes in their school district, helping parents who may be intimidated on certain subjects.

The athletic director now has to provide regular injury reports to improve school safety. All district employees are now advised of their right not to join labor unions or pay fair-share fees before they start work.

Kaneshiki voted against new anti-American text books. If you want someone who will fight for the rights of our parents and students, ensure an environment that incentivizes a desire to learn and excel versus indoctrination, please consider Lois Kaneshiki.

Trish Haight