‘Honesty is loftier virtue than loyalty’

Not all virtues are created equal.

Loyalty is a virtue, but loyalty to an unworthy cause is dishonorable.

Your editorial of April 10, “Cohen offer to Dems cheap trick,” implicitly condemns Michael Cohen for disloyalty to his former boss and kindred spirit.

Cohen lied to Congress in his role as a Trump fixer. Late to the truth, Cohen finally acknowledged his misdeeds — and the president’s.

Honesty is a loftier virtue than loyalty.

Bargaining one’s way to a shorter prison term is any defendant’s right and is a universal practice.

As a student of neuroscience and political psychology, I recommend against blaming anyone for anything — yes, anything.

But the actions that people take should certainly be scrutinized in terms of ethics and morality.

We all clarify our individual standards through such exercises.

Joseph S. Silverman, MD



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