Experience needed for commissioner

I write to express my support for Bruce Kelley for Blair County commissioner.

I’ve known Kelley for a number of years and know him to be of honest and forthcoming character.

During his time on Altoona City Council, Kelley has taken the lead on tough matters. His experience and character worked in our city’s favor, especially when it came time for Altoona to explore Act 47.

He worked with other members of council to craft a plan to enter Act 47 early with the plan working toward exiting Act 47 on strong financial footing. That’s exactly what happened.

With the financial challenges in Blair County, Kelley will use his experience and character to work toward strong financial footing while being an advocate for the taxpayer.

These are the qualities that make him an exceptionally qualified candidate for Blair County commissioner. Please vote Bruce Kelley on May 21.

Nicole Ickes