Encouraging Bruces, Erb and Kelley

This year, voters have an opportunity to elect two extremely qualified individuals to the Board of Commissioners.

Over the past four years, Bruce Erb has addressed many issues that have often been ignored. He’s worked to reduce costs and prioritize our limited income. He’s worked to increase efficiency and he’s tried to increase communications with the public.

Bruce Kelley has an equally impressive record. While serving on Altoona’s City Council, Kelley helped lead the city through an effective recovery plan that has greatly improved city finances. His experience with federal, state and local government give him a unique ability to work with representatives of all sorts.

Erb and Kelley both understand the burden of federal and state mandates. They also understand the limited resources available to fund all aspects of government.

I strongly encourage you to cast your votes for Bruce Kelley and Bruce Erb.

A.C. Stickel