Criticism of Erb on home rule wrong

I was disturbed by Jan Mills’ March 30 letter calling Commissioner Bruce Erb arrogant because Erb doesn’t support Mills’ opinion on home rule. I have known Erb for over 40 years. He is anything but arrogant.

Erb said he did a detailed study and found home rule wouldn’t provide any benefit to the county. But Erb also stated that if voters want it, they should circulate petitions to gather signatures to the place the question on the ballot.

It seems to me that Erb wants the voters to make the choice on whether to put the home rule question on the ballot and if they want to pay the cost of the study, which is estimated to exceed $100,000.

We have a commissioner in Erb who’s judgment and financial acumen has been very good for our county.

Mills should have done his homework as Erb did before he wrote such a misleading letter.

Jere Cross



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