Benzel well suited for district judge

I am writing to share my experiences about Rick Benzel, the best candidate for magisterial district judge.

My family experienced a crisis some time ago and we were fortunate to have officer Benzel assigned to the incident. I learned he was highly professional, had a tremendous work ethic and was always available to assist us.

He was thorough, patient, honest, impartial and showed empathy and compassion for all involved. I was able to see firsthand his passion for the rights of victims while never forgetting the rights of the accused, as well as his ability to keep an open mind while weighing all facts from a disciplined, objective point of view. I saw how tirelessly he worked, how his compassion influenced lives and how dedicated he was.

If I were in the position of plaintiff or victim, I would want Rick Benzel to be the judge on the bench.

Cindy Turchetta