Benzel has experience to be district judge

I have known Rick Benzel for many years and have respected and admired the way he performs his duties as a police officer.

Benzel has 22 years of meaningful, real-life experience in the courtroom, and on the streets of our community which has prepared him to be our district judge. He has a track record of excellent performance, with an understanding and training in criminal and civil law.

I was not surprised to learn he was endorsed by Lodge 57 — Fraternal Order of Police.

Benzel is the district judge candidate that I can fully endorse with confidence. He is a fair and just person who exceeds the minimum qualifications for the office.

Benzel possesses all the experience, knowledge, integrity and compassion that we need in our district judge. Join with me in casting a vote for Rick Benzel for magisterial district judge.

Christina Blake

Logan Township