Sheetz sets example for employee treatment

I have no disagreement with the Mirror editorial (March 5, “Wolf wage plan too aggressive).”

It was certainly pragmatic. There is, however, a much simpler and more viable solution without involving the government in telling us what to do and how to do it.

The real problem with wages is the fault of the employers. Not all employers, just most of them.

As a close-to-home example, look at the Sheetz Corp. Look what has happened to them in successive years.

I visit a Sheetz store just about every day. I chose the word visit on purpose. I feel like I am among friends, and I cannot tell you the last name of any of the employees. I know a number of first names, though.

Why do you think their employees are so seemingly pleasant and also professional?

The answer was in the Mirror, not too many weeks ago, when it was announced Sheetz received national recognition for being one of the nation’s best 100 companies.

I don’t work for Sheetz.

Sheetz got the recognition for doing the right things, much of that being showing appreciation of their employees.

If all businesses would show appreciation for their employees’ performance, there would be no need for increasing minimum wage.

I think all inexperienced, new employees should start at the bottom when it comes to wages and then be recognized for their positive contributions to the business, which employs them.

That is the way to control minimum wages.

Jan Mills Sr.



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