Our country needs ‘moral leadership’

As a person in my 60s, I tend to look back at the way things used to be, often perplexed at how we got to where we are now.

There has always been crime, sin, jealousy, greed and corruption since the beginning of time, but God’s laws were respected and honored, even by those who broke them.

I grew up in an era of general trust and value of human life. My siblings and I could walk the three miles to Loysburg and back to catch the summer bus to Martinsburg for swimming lessons without fear of abduction.

We knew we were expected to do our best at school, and if we ever got into trouble there, we could expect a much worse punishment at home. Church and Sunday school was (and is) a part of our weekly routine, and we were taught to respect our teachers, pastors and mentors.

Living on a farm, we never heard of an allowance. We did know that cows needed milked, hay needed baled, lawns needed mowed, house and barn needed cleaned, meals needed cooked and dishes needed washed. Doing daily chores allowed us room and board.

Today, everything seems so much more politicized.

While I understand the purpose of government is to protect us, to provide for our national defense and to collect taxes to fund the protection of our borders, I cringe at what government has since encroached upon in the past several decades — the family, the schools, the churches — as they neutralize the once important and wholesome influence of those institutions on our country.

I never thought I’d see the damage done to our heritage by tearing down statues, crosses, Ten Commandment monuments and revising history books based on liberal misunderstanding of separation of church and state.

It was never intended to separate government from God but to keep the state from encroaching on the church.

Morals are church business. Morals are the responsibility of parents raising children. Morals are intended to prevent atrocities and abuse on its citizens.

We don’t need to look far to see how morally deficient the government is as they refuse to protect the innocent and the unborn. Once, a man’s word was trustworthy. Now lies become “misspeaks” and electronics are bleached to destroy evidence with no consequences.

Politics has reduced our morals and our laws to mean nothing. Politics has changed language to mean what was right is now wrong and what is wrong is now right.

There is no difference between legal and illegal unless we try to point out there is a difference and then we are called racist. I pray for an army of moral activists, led by God, to provide this country with true moral leadership.

Barbara J. Thomas

New Enterprise


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