Let Punxsy Phil hibernate in peace

The Mirror printed a story about Punxsutawney Phil’s prediction on the front page on Feb. 21 about being a little off on his prediction.

Well, don’t blame a groundhog that should have been hibernating but is awakened every year so Punxsutawney can make a small fortune by suckering thousands of people that don’t know any better to flock into town — all in the name of money.

Isn’t this cruelty to animals when they are meant to be hibernating?

I couldn’t believe what I saw that morning on TV with so many people looking like dunces with hats and everything imaginable, along with the cute little groundhog.

Mother Nature is the one that knows and makes the weather.

Keep doing what you are doing if that makes you happy.

The only thing that made good this year was Punxsutawney, which is no better, just richer.

Let the groundhog do what God intended it to do — hibernate until spring.

Sportsmen would probably be arrested for waking animals out of hibernation.

Lenny Metz



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